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Outdoor distribution Thursdays 10AM - Noon



Food distribution takes place outdoors (Rain or Shine)

Our food bags contain canned goods, meats, eggs, and other perishable items to help you prepare nutritious meals. Often fresh produce is available, especially during the growing season, late April through October. Toiletries and other personal hygiene items including infant or adult diapers or undergarments may be available. Let us know what you need.


The Healthy Alternative Voucher (HAV) Program provides $10 vouchers
redeemable at a local vendor. Vouchers are restricted to purchasing fruits,
vegetables, milk, and eggs. This assistance is especially helpful to those with
dietary or other health concerns.

For information about other food resources:


Call 1-800-5-H-U-N-G-R-Y to find other distribution sites.


Visit for the most up-to-date information regarding food resources in Philadelphia. 


Want to support our Cupboard, host a food drive, or volunteer?

Call 215-843-2340 for more information.


Each week we supply 50 - 60 households with packages that include fresh and non-perishable foods. Using prescribed products and quantities, you are invited into the cupboard to choose the items you need. Our packages supply food for 3 days and may be received once within a 30- day period.  


Our Healthy Alternatives Program (HAV) provides $10 vouchers for the purchase of fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs. Vouchers may be redeemed at a neighborhood vendor. 


When available, personal hygiene items, baby products, and household cleaning supplies are provided for you.


During the Holiday season, GACM provides Thanksgiving and Christmas packages that are stocked with everything required to prepare a traditional holiday meal.  


We share information with anyone who calls or comes to our door. However, our primary commitment is to neighbors residing in zip code areas 19118, 19119, 19126, 19138, 19144, 19150.


Who Needs Food

People use the Food Cupboard for a variety of reasons. By obtaining things canned goods from the cupboard, their resources can be used to other items such as meats of fresh vegetables.

Experiencing Crisis

Other individuals use the cupboard for emergencies. They have experienced a crisis such as job loss, an interruption in food stamp benefits, or change in family composition.

Special Populations

When serving clients GACM is mindful of specific circumstances which impact foods to be provided such as:

Children, elderly, those with medical needs – low sugar, “lite”or low salt needs, and even 100% fruit juices.

Cupboard Needs

  • Food

  • Can Goods

  • Plastic Utensils

  • Plastic Bags

  • Etc.




Schedule a visit to see the food cupboard in operation.

Call 215-843-2340 to schedule a presentation to your interested group.

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