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GACM is here to help you resolve your problem!

We partner with those experiencing a resolvable crisis providing information and resources to help people help themselves. Our team of skilled social workers and trained volunteers share accurate information and creative options to address crises. Confidential assessments, budget, and other counseling is key. Once public resources are exhausted, GACM can offer tangible assistance including small grants paid directly to the vendor.

Financial Assistance 

GACM gives small cash grants to eligible residents. Residents who are experiencing a resolvable crisis and have exhausted public resources will be considered for a grant, which is awarded once in a 24-month period. Areas of assistance include but are not limited to:

1.    Rent and Mortgage Payments

2.    Security Deposits

3.    Medications and Medicare

4.    Utility Payments

Neighborhood Energy Center (NEC)

As a Neighborhood Energy Center, GACM helps consumers keep their utilities on and affordable. We provide a coordinated and comprehensive approach to energy and related problems for low and moderate-income consumers. Our one-stop-shop of services includes:


1. Fuel assistance (LIHEAP, UESF, emergency oil, and other third-party programs).

2. Conservation (Weatherization Assistance Program, Water Conservation Program and energy-related home repair)

3. Information and referral to low-income utility programs such as PECO/CAP /PGW/CRP and WATER/WRAP

4. Education (budget counseling, utility advocacy, and workshops)


With a skilled staff and trained volunteers, GACM provides confidential assessments, counseling and referral services to all Philadelphia residents. Our goal is to provide accurate information that connects people with useful resources.



Our Choice Food Cupboards provides users the opportunity to enter the Cupboard and select the items they need. At any given time of year, available items include fresh, frozen and other perishable items along with canned goods and staples.


As a community based, Social Service agency, GACM provides emergency rent and utility assistance. Let us help you resolve your housing crisis.

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